Four Questions

America Runs on the Four Questions

What is Dave wearing today? Dave is wearing a pink polo shirt, tan shorts, and Stan Smiths. Dave believes his attire is becoming predictable and tomorrow will wear a unicorn onesie.

How does Dave feel today? Dave feels good now, but anticipates being bored later. 

What are the factors affecting Dave’s mood today? Dave’s nonprofit organization is hosting a meeting this morning, and the topic of discussion — civil rights vs. technology — will be fascinating. After that, though, Dave has practically nothing to do till he picks up the Complimentary Spouse at midnight.

What does Dave enjoy most about Britt being out of town? Dave is happy that the TV isn’t tuned to HGTV 24 hours a day. Dave is tired of that one episode of Love it or List It where Hilary runs out of money and can’t do all the work she promised, while David can’t seem to find the right house till the third try.