Four Questions

Let’s All Go to The Four Questions and Get Ourselves a Treat

What is Dave wearing today? Dave’s wearing his Emory Football T-shirt (still undefeated), blue shorts, and Adidas sneakers.

What is making Dave happy today? The Complimentary Spouse and Dave went to see “Avatar: The Way of Water” earlier today. Dave enjoyed it, but was disappointed to learn later that the movie was actually filmed on Earth, not Pandora, because of budgetary constraints. Way to cheap out on us, James Cameron!

What is Dave’s inspirational thought for the day? Dave is reflecting on this passage from Richie Jackson’s “Gay Like Me”:

Being gay is a gift. It’s the world revealing itself in all its glorious otherness, saying go it your own way, make it yours. The revelations are endless. There are no expectations of what you need to be or to do. It is the blankest of canvases. It’s freedom. It’s the gift of possibility.

Richie Jackson

Did Britt and Dave go to the lobby to get themselves a treat at the movie theater? Britt bought a soda (for $7), but the rest of the snacks — Raisinettes (for Britt) and Allsorts (for Dave) — were smuggled in.