Four Questions

The Ability to Destroy a Planet Is Insignificant Next to the Power of the Four Questions

What is Darth Dave wearing today? Darth Dave is wearing an all-black outfit, a black mechanical breastplate covered in switches and dials, and a black mask that hides his entire head. His lightsaber is attached to his belt.

How does Darth Dave feel today? Darth Dave feels somewhat conflicted about destroying Alderaan.

What are the factors affecting Darth Dave’s mood today? Darth Dave was very upset when Princess Leia wouldn’t offer up the location of the hidden rebel base, so he and Governor Tarkin decided to test out the full power of their new battle station on Leia’s homeworld, even though she protested that Alderaan was peaceful and had no weapons. The explosion was rather loud, which is puzzling as sound waves can’t be carried in the vacuum of space.

Does Darth Dave have exciting plans for tonight? Originally, Darth Dave had intended to fix up some of the exhaust ports that lead to the main reactor. However, he’s decided to put that chore off till tomorrow. Instead, he’ll make popcorn and watch The Wrath of Khan.

Happy Star Wars Day!

A confession: This is copied and pasted from the Four Questions a few years ago. Please don’t put a price on my head so large that every bounty hunter in the galaxy will be looking for me. I will shoot first.