Four Questions

The Four Questions Are in a Fog

What is Dave wearing today? Dave is wearing an Alabama polo shirt. Roll Tide!

What is making Dave happy today? Dave got to experience a different type of sunrise on his run this morning. It was as foggy as London or San Francisco, so here was the view:

What is Dave’s inspirational thought for the day? Dave says a sunless sunrise is beautiful in its own way.

Why has Dave been looking at the library website for half an hour? Dave is trying to find a good audiobook for a long road trip. Right now it comes down to:

  • “Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe,” a highly acclaimed LGBTQ YA novel narrated by Lin-Manuel Miranda.
  • Philip Roth’s too-close-for-comfort novel about antisemitism, “The Plot Against America.”
  • A few classics that Dave somehow didn’t have to read in college, includingGeorge Eliot’s “Middlemarch.”