Four Questions

The Four Questions Want to Wake up in a City That Never Sleeps

What is Dave wearing today? Dave is dressed for somewhat chilly weather in a green T-shirt, blue pullover, black jacket, jeans, Snoopy socks, and Stan Smiths.

How does Dave feel today? Dave feels pretty ducking great, according to autocorrect.

What are the factors affecting Dave’s mood today? Dave and the Complimentary Spouse are taking a post-vaccination vacation in New York. We had bagels for breakfast, met up with Dave’s uncle, aunt, and cousins for lunch, and are now enjoying the sculpture garden at MoMA.

Does Dave have any complaints? In the chilly weather — chilly by Tampeño standards, at least — Dave’s glasses tend to fog up.

Since Dave forgot to do the Four Questions yesterday, will he post a photo today? Of course Dave will.