Four Questions

This Is One Time Where Television Really Fails to Capture the True Excitement of the Four Questions Predicting the Weather

What is Dave wearing today? Dave is wearing his finest formal clothes: a blue Annapolis Capital Gazette T-shirt and gray sweatpants. 

How does Dave feel today? Dave is cold. 

What are the factors affecting Dave’s mood today? When Dave woke up this Groundhog Day, the temperature was a very chilly 282°. Brrrr. What? You don’t measure your temperatures in Kelvin?

What does Dave’s blue T-shirt say? Dave’s T-shirt says, “We are putting out a damn newspaper tomorrow.” It was sold to raise funds after the Capital Gazette massacre in 2018. After five reporters were murdered, the rest of the staff decided that the best way to honor the victims was with journalism. “We’re putting out a damn newspaper tomorrow” became the newsroom’s rallying cry, and the newspaper indeed came out on time.