Four Questions

Time The Four Questions Have Wasted on the Way

What is Dave wearing today? Dave still feels sick, so he’s just wearing grey sweatpants and a red Buc-ee’s T-shirt.

What is making Dave happy today? After three days with a fever and sore throat, Dave feels like he’s finally turning the corner.

What is Dave’s inspirational thought for the day? Dave found the quote in “And There Was Light,” Jon Meacham’s new biography of Abraham Lincoln:

It is a fact of American history that we are not always good, but that goodness is possible. Not universal, not ubiquitous, not inevitable — but possible.

Jon Meacham, “And There Was Light”

Why can’t Dave move his leg right now? Linus is sleeping with his head resting on Dave’s leg. Dave doesn’t want to wake up the little rascal.