Married Life

Office Space

We’re having some work done at Camp David today, so I’m camping out in the Complimentary Spouse’s office. It’s a corner office on the third floor. Look past the parking lot and you can see the campus swimming pool. That makes me wonder if Britt is contemplating a transfer from the business school to a different department.

There’s a cool historical marker outside Britt’s office. Before the university was founded, there was a baseball field here. It’s where Babe Ruth hit his longest homer.

Pop inside Britt’s office and you’ll find lots of stuff he has accumulated over the years. These things remind me of how wonderful he is, all the great times we’ve had together, and all the places we’ve visited. Here’s a look at some of my favorite things.

First, here’s a plant we picked up, I think, at the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival a few years ago. He named it Baby Groot.

This rat has been sitting on a windowsill for as long as I can remember. I have no idea why it’s here, but I can only assume that Britt is a big fan of the Black Plague.

Lucy has been to Britt’s office a few times. You’ll find one of her chewed-up Nylabones on a bottom shelf.

This is Britt’s academic robe. It’s what he was wearing when he hugged me when I walked across the stage to receive my MBA diploma. Such a delightful color scheme. Not ugly at all.

Since 2010, Britt has framed the front page of The Tuscaloosa News every time Tide won a national championship. Britt likes to point out that there’s room in his office for a lot more of these.

Wherever Britt travels, he picks up a Hard Rock Cafe shot glass. There are at least a hundred of them now. Britt inspired me to start collecting pins, but I gave it up because who wants to become one of those crazy hoarder people?

Here are some of the many instructor’s editions of textbooks on Britt’s bookshelf.

Of course, when you mention instructor’s editions, my mind automatically goes to the Simpsons.

One of our favorite places in the world is New Zealand. Here are some All Blacks figurines.

Another of our favorite places is Prague, and I love the legend of the Golem. I have a few Golems at home, and Britt has one on display in his office.

Britt once took a group of students to China. When he was there, an artist approached him and showed him this plate he had drawn. Sure, it’s a scheme to separate tourists from their money, but, of course, Britt had to buy it. It’s a little smudged, but Britt is taking a photo.

Lastly, here’s my favorite thing about Britt’s office. I leave little Post-It notes for Britt from time to time, and he keeps them under the glass on his desktop. Here’s one of the notes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick tour of Britt’s office. Please remember to tip your tour guide.