Meditation Observations

Today is the 500th day in a row that I’ve meditated. To celebrate, I’d like to share five hundred things I’ve learned:

  1. There are infinite ways to meditate: I like guided mindfulness meditation, but there’s no end of things to try if you’re interested. 
  2. It’s always useful, even when it feels like it isn’t: Some days are more productive than others. That’s true for everything in life, not just meditation.
  3. You get distracted a lot: Even on the best of days, my thoughts will wander. I used think this was a failing, but it’s not. It’s just human nature. The trick is to smoothly shift back into the meditation as soon as you realize you’ve been blown off course.1 
  4. Keep your expectations realistic: Since my goal is to be a bit more happy, kind, and calm, meditation works. If my goal were to reach nirvana, I’d have demanded my money back by now.
  5. I need more stuff to achieve inner enlightenment: The space coyote told me so.

1 Noting and labeling are helpful when this happens.

Header image: Mural by Subway Doodle on Troutman Street in Brooklyn, New York.