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The Art of War

I haven’t written much on the Daily Dave recently because it seems inappropriate to do something frivolous when people are dying in Ukraine. Suddenly, telling people what I’m wearing every day doesn’t seem proper. (And, anyway, it’s almost always a polo shirt and a pair of shorts.)

It’s just so frustrating to know there’s so little I can do and so few people I can reach at this time. Perhaps that’s why I’m in awe of the street artists who have the talent and canvas to share their passion for peace (and anger at Russia) on walls all over the world. Here are some of my favorites from the accounts I follow on Twitter and Instagram.

The first one is by Seth Globepainter, a Paris-based street artist whose work I admire. He’s known for paintings of roundheaded children who face away from the viewer — I think I’ve only seen a face in one of his artworks. The combination of innocence and defiance in this new painting is just brilliant.

I am not familiar with all the artists below. I’ve included the full tweet, which in some cases doesn’t name the artist. If I get that information, I’ll update this post.