I Will Always LV You

Here’s a glimpse at the Super Bowl LV Experience at Julian B. Lane Park in Tampa last weekend. This is the only public event the Complimentary Spouse and I have visited since the pandemic began. Everyone mostly appeared to be following the rules, although people were closer together than they should have been and, of course, there were a few attendees who haven’t yet figured out that masks are supposed to cover your nose. When we were in line to see the Lombardi Trophy, I had to remind the couple behind us to stay a few feet back. They seemed a bit perturbed but did so anyway. We didn’t stay long and didn’t visit any attractions that were partially indoors.

A few observations:

  • The cheapest T-shirts were $50. I didn’t buy one.
  • There were a ton of religious nuts with loudspeakers outside.1
  • There were lots of red caps there. Thankfully, they were Buccanneers and Chiefs caps, not Hooray for Domestic Terrorism caps.
  • Britt and I wore T-shirts and shorts. How wonderful it is to be a TampeĊ„o in February!

1 Maybe you should be more concerned with feeding the homeless, sir. My soul is going swimmingly.