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Dos and Don’ts: Travel Recommendations from Britt and Dave

Travel ideas the Complimentary Spouse and I do not recommend

Going to Cancun for fun when you’re a senator and your state faces an emergency of historic proportions.

Travel ideas the Complimentary Spouse and I do recommend

Routing your flight from Tampa to London through Los Angeles because you want to get lunch at In-N-Out.

Driving to Bodega Bay from San Francisco just because it was the setting for The Birds. Perhaps Tippi Hedren will be there, but you won’t get her autograph or photo because she wants you to pay for them. Instead, you will go to the marina and see seals playing.

Accidentally driving into Syria when you’re looking for the memorial to Turkish pilots in Israel.

Going to Chili’s for breakfast at Dallas Love Field. You never know when someone will write out his salsa recipe and a napkin and give it to you.

Buying a Tampa Bay Lightning “How Swede it Is” T-shirt solely because you’re going to Stockholm in a few weeks and you want to get a photo of yourself wearing it there as onlookers give you funny glances.

Reenacting the poses in paintings and statues.

Choosing restaurants just because they share a name with family members.

And, finally, posing for photos on the Malecon in Havana. Maybe a cute random American tourist will come up, insist on being in a photo with you, and walk away.