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How A-Door-Able!

I often hear the word “whimsy” used to describe things that are weird, but I think the definition goes far beyond that. Whimsical things are quaint, imaginative, and surprising. They catch you off guard and make you smile.

Here’s a good example of whimsy: This morning, while exploring Sarasota’s Bayfront Park with the Complimentary Spouse, something on the ground caught my eye. I thought it was a piece of litter. It was, in fact, a little pink door that someone had affixed to the root of a massive ficus tree.

Talk about the essence of whimsy!

The door is an oddity that serves no purpose other than to delight. For a few moments, all the worries and doubts in your brain disappear, and you’re left wondering who lives there. It’s too small for squirrels, so I’m envisioning a family of Richard Scarry-esque mice. Elves are a possibility too. What about fairies? How big do gnomes get?1

To the person who placed the door in the park: Thank you for the whimsy. You’ve made the park better. You’ve made my day better. You’ve made everything better.

1 Of course, it’s not Smurfs. They live in mushrooms.