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Out and About on South Beach and Lincoln Road

The Complimentary Spouse and I were out on the town in Miami Beach Saturday night. Here are some of the things we saw.

Havana 1957, the restaurant on Ocean Drive where we drank too much sangria.
As I said in the last photo: TOO MUCH SANGRIA. This was the first of many glasses.
Feeling blue? So are these Ocean Drive Art Deco buildings.
Some kind of abstract fixture on Lincoln Road. I imagine the conversation went like this: “We have all this concrete and white paint. What should we do with it?” Answer: “Just slap some triangle things in the middle of Lincoln Road.”
A bit of serenity at this Lincoln Road fountain.
This Art Deco building was once a theater, but now it’s an H&M. Swedes are destroying our movie industry, I guess. Unrelated fact: Britt and I were once at an intersection in Stockholm that had H&M stores on all four corners.
Menorah and … you knew this was coming … dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made it out of shells.
A fountain in front of another Art Deco building.
(Imagine me imitating Ed Sullivan) This is a really big shoe.
Flamingo. Not a real one. Just a decoration. In case you were confused.