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Sunrise Over Miami Beach

I’m used to seeing the sunrise from the west coast of Florida.1 This morning, I got to see it from the other side of the state. The Complimentary Spouse and I were in Miami Beach for the weekend, so we woke up early to see the sun come up. I arrived with my handy portable tripod and made the following time-lapse video.

Here’s the obligatory sunrise selfie. Doesn’t my mustache look resplendent in the golden light?2

1 You might be wondering how I see the sun come up on the west coast of Florida. Shouldn’t I see sunsets instead? There are two possible explanations: The first is that every morning, Superman flies around the earth so fast that he causes the planet to rotate the other way. The second is that I live on a peninsula on the west coast of Florida, so I see the sun rise over a bay, not the ocean. Both are perfectly plausible.

2 The answer is yes. My mustache kicks ass in all lighting situations.