Four Questions

All Your Base Are Belong to the Four Questions

What is Dave wearing today? Dave is wearing a blue V-neck T-shirt and a pair of shorts.

How does Dave feel today? Dave is about 25% happy and 75% irritated.

What are the factors affecting Dave’s mood today? Dave did something exciting today and bought a keyboard for his iPad, which will make it easier to update the Daily Dave on the go without needing to lug a computer around. In fact, Dave is using this spiffy new gadget right now! However, Dave is also frustrated because he’s working at home day after day but doesn’t have a proper workspace because he’s forced to live in the house where clutter goes to die. (I mean, who wants an office when the room can be used as an ersatz storage unit?) To make matters worse, Dave must listen to the dogs bark all day because they won’t obey the “quiet” command.

How will Dave cope with all this frustration? Dave will focus on the positives in his life:

  • He has a roof over his head
  • He had tater tots with dinner
  • He can stream episode of the Golden Girls on Hulu