Four Questions

Now Is the Winter of the Four Questions’ Discontent

What is Dave wearing today? Dave is wearing his running gear: an orange top and blue shorts. 

How does Dave feel today? Dave is not a happy camper.

What are the factors affecting Dave’s mood today? Once again, Dave has no choice but to work on the sofa, accompanied by barking dogs. He can’t even open the blinds because then the dogs will find more things to bark at outside. So, obviously, Dave’s productivity is taking a big hit. Add to this the fact that Dave can’t take a shower, or even wash his hands, as the water is shut off and there’s no word on when it will be turned back on. It would be nice if Dave got just one iota compassion from the Complimentary Spouse, who has not just one but two dog-free, sun-lit, desk-equipped offices … and access to working sinks and toilets.

Is Dave at the end of his rope? Dave isn’t there yet, but he’s certainly getting closer.