Four Questions

Come Aboard. The Four Questions Are Expecting You.

What is Dave wearing today? Dave is wearing his blue octopus button-down short sleeve shirt, tan shorts, and Stan Smiths.

What is making Dave happy today? When Dave gave his name at Starbucks this morning, the barista said that three people named Dave were already waiting for their drinks. So, Dave used the Complimentary Spouse’s pet name for him.

What is Dave’s inspirational thought for the day? Dave says never turn up an opportunity to sing the Love Boat theme song off-key to your doggos. Or your husband. Or a complete stranger.

What’s Dave’s fascination with the Love Boat theme song? When Dave taped morning business reports for the local news station (many years ago), he was often kept waiting because no one else felt he was a priority. One day he randomly started singing “Love, exciting and new / Come aboard / We’re expecting you” and that caught everyone’s attention. You see, Dave was mic’d up so everyone in the control room had to hear his tone-deaf caterwauling. Dave then announced he wouldn’t stop singing till they began taping. He was recording his report less than 30 seconds later.