Four Questions

The Four Questions Can Be so Insensitive

What is Dave wearing today? Dave is wearing a forest green polo shirt and gray shorts. He looks like a tree.

What is one thing that’s making Dave happy today? On his morning run, Dave saw a sunrise so beautiful that it made yesterday’s look like garbage.1 Here’s a photo. It’s unfiltered and hasn’t been retouched — this is literally what I saw.

What is Dave’s inspirational thought for the day? Dave says hopelessness is a learned attitude, and it can be unlearned.

What has Dave been watching on teevee? The Complementary Spouse and Dave are watching Jann, a comedy in which musician Jann Arden plays a self-absorbed, oblivious, and — dare I say it — insensitive version of herself. Insensitive! Get it?2

1 It’s called hyperbole, folks.
2 If not, let me remind you of the title of her biggest hit: