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Let’s See What’s in the News

Here are a few articles and essays that have stood out to me in the past few days:

The Advocate: Ohio High School Cancels Play After Furor Over LGBTQ+ Character

Seriously? Have fun trying to find a play that doesn’t have a connection to LGBTQ people in the plot, in the cast, or behind the scenes.

As Fran Lebowitz once said, “If you removed all of the homosexuals and homosexual influence from what is generally regarded as American culture, you would pretty much be left with Let’s Make a Deal.”

I’m reminded of this song from The Producers:

Heather Cox Richardson: Substack Newsletter for October 27, 2021

This is the kind of essay that keeps me up at night. After exploring some recent developments in the United States and Europe, she explains just how revolutionary the idea of American democracy was at the time — and how people have been chipping away at it as early as the 1820s. I can’t help think of Animal Farm when I read this:

And there it was: the replacement of the idea that all people are created equal with the idea that some people are better than others, and that those people, who truly understand God’s laws, should rule.

Heather Cox Richardson

NBC News: Woman claims strawberry Pop-Tarts don’t have enough strawberries, sues for $5 million

Who else noticed that the author of the Pop-Tarts story is named Popken? 

Entertainment Weekly: A public domain photo of The Office star B.J. Novak is being used on random products worldwide

I’m delighted by this. Check out the photos.