Four Questions

The Four Questions See Tractor!

What is Dave wearing today? Dave is dressed like Cher in the “If I Could Turn Back Time” video.1

What is making Dave happy today? Dave is still elated from last night’s riotous Tig Notaro concert. He won’t bore you by making random inside jokes that only he and the Complimentary Spouse will understand. That would be worse to a towel.

Dave took the following photo during the standing ovation. Dave isn’t one of those schmucks who would take a photo during a performance.

What is Dave’s inspirational thought for the day? Dave found this quote in Tig Notaro’s book:

“Instead of being someone who expects people to have all the strengths I think I need them to have, I resolved to try to become someone who focuses on the strengths they do have.” 

Tig Notaro, I’m Just a Person

Did Dave take any especially cute photos of Linus today? Why, yes, Dave did! Actually, Dave thinks Linus looks more handsome than cute in this picture.4

1 No, he isn’t.2
2 Or is he?3
3 You’ll never know.
4 Dave sent the picture to his parents and said that Linus is the most photogenic dog anyone in the family has ever owned. Dave’s mother responded: “Sure is. Lures you in with his cuteness and then shows his true stripes.”