Four Questions

The Four Questions Love the Sound of Taylor Dayne’s Voice

What is Dave wearing today? Dave’s shirt is the sartorial equivalent of “August tempeh risotto with salmon-rubbed streusel chunks.” There’s no other way to describe it.

What is making Dave happy today? Dave and the Complimentary Spouse are less than 10 minutes away from seeing Tig Notaro in concert. Let the comedy begin!

Sold out!
Inside the world-famous Tampa Theatre. (Well, it’s world famous in Tampa.)
Note the shirt.

What is Dave’s inspirational thought for the day? Dave will turn this question over to Tig.

“People love to make comedians out to be miserable, dark, twisted people. And I just — I think a lot of people struggle with depression and mental illness and have issues and problems within their family. The mailman has it. Your neighbor has it. It’s just that comedians have a microphone.”

Tig Notaro

What to Dave and Tig Notaro have in common? Dave and Tig both love the sound of Taylor Dayne’s voice.