Four Questions

The Four Questions Shine Bright Like a Diamond

What is Dave wearing today? Dave is wearing a pink Polo1 shirt, a lightweight blue Adidas training jacket, jeans, and Stan Smiths.

What is making Dave happy today? Dave just rewatched Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime show and was blown away by the simplicity, precision, and artistry. For some reason, Dave didn’t appreciate it last night — it took a second viewing to sink in. Rihanna floating to the top of the stadium while singing “Diamonds”? Wow, just wow.2

What is Dave’s inspirational thought for the day? Dave would like to share this old tweet from Rihanna:

Does Dave have a theory about those things we keep shooting out of the sky? Dave believes they are refueling ships. They are bringing gefilte fish, Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray soda, and black-and-white cookies to the brave Jews manning the space laser.

1 Polo is capitalized because it’s a real Polo brand polo shirt. It even has one of those little horseys.

2 Plus, as someone pointed out, it’s the most elaborate baby shower in history.