It is said that if you give a monkey a typewriter and an infinite amount of time, you’ll end up with the works of Shakespeare.

The Daily Dave is what you’d get if the monkey only had 10 minutes.

On this blog, I write about anything I want to. That’s it. I’m not trying to make money or become famous. I just want a place where I can practice the craft of honest and entertaining writing.

I see you have some questions.

  • Haven’t you done this before? Indeed, I have. I think this is the fourth iteration of the Daily Dave since 2002. Older versions have been rounded up and are now stored in the same warehouse as the Ark of the Covenant.
  • What’s up with the Four Questions? This has nothing to do with Mah Nishtanah. I answer the same three questions every day and throw in a fourth for the hell of it.
  • Can you have a bullet list with only two bullets? I don’t advise it. If you find yourself in that situation, just create some asinine third bullet and hope that no one notices you’re doing a mediocre job.