Music Makes the People Come Together

One thing I miss from the pre-pandemic era is the concerts. I can complain all day about astronomical ticket prices, crummy opening acts, and how much I hate waiting for performers to take the stage. But none of those really matter, because a concert is a chance to experience music as a communal event. Thereโ€™s a feeling that comes from sharing music that you simply donโ€™t get by hearing it by yourself.

Here are some concert experiences from 2019.

Kiwi troubadour Neil Finn (one of the Complimentary Spouseโ€™s favorite singers) joined Fleetwood Mac on their most recent tour.

Pink rocked her way through a Nirvana anthem. Nirvanaโ€™s music is practically sacred, but Pink is so awesome she gets a pass to cover any damn song she wants to.

The Indigo Girls wondered how long till their souls get it right. (This is one of my favorite songs of all time, and I wish I captured the beginning.)

If I were a baseball player, this would be one of my walk-up songs. Thanks, Sir Elton.

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