Four Questions

There’s No Crying in The Four Questions

What is Dave wearing today? Dave wishes he were dressed as joyfully as JoJo Siwa, but he’s just wearing a polo shirt and shorts as usual.

What is making Dave happy today? Dave was very happy to see Michaela Jaé Rodriguez named the Advocate’s Person of the Year. She deserves all the attention and accolades she’s getting. The Complimentary Spouse and Dave saw some of Mj’s live videos during the first days of lockdown last year, and they were impressed by how honest, kind, authentic, and talented she is.

What is Dave’s inspirational thought for the day? Dave says you can be grateful for your mistakes if you reframe them as learning experiences.1

Did Dave recently see a tweet that made him laugh out loud, but he won’t explain it to you because it would take too long? Yes, Dave did.

1 Dave knows this is easier said than done, and he struggles with this too.