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Bird Lines

Our neighborhood has looked a bit Hitchcockian since the weather got cool. Large flocks of birds have taken up residence on power lines all over South Tampa.

It looks a bit menacing, doesn’t it? I assure you there’s nothing to worry about unless you believe in omens or don’t like jokes about “The Birds.” 1

Since we’re on the topic of “The Birds,” the Complimentary Spouse and I once made a day trip from San Francisco to Bodega Bay, the setting for the film. And there we saw … guess who … Tippi Hedren herself. She was selling autographs and wine. We passed on both. 

There’s not much I remember about Bodega Bay except for the seals:

Two more photos from the marina:

1 A pretty good Hitchcock film, but not as good as “North by Northwest” or “Vertigo,” in my opinion.