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Turkey Pot, Turkey Pot, Turkey Pot Pie

The Complimentary Spouse usually takes care of all the cooking here at Camp David but, after watching him hard at work all day yesterday for Thanksgiving, I decided it was finally my turn to make dinner.

I promise Principal Skinner’s recipe for steamed hams never crossed my mind.

After researching some ideas for Thanksgiving leftovers, I found a promising recipe for turkey pot pie. Who doesn’t love a pot pie? And, even though it’s about a chicken pot pie, who can resist singing the song?

Britt helped out a little bit with the chopping, but I did everything else myself. In anticipation of tomorrow’s Iron Bowl, I even carved the Alabama logo into the pie crust. 

I don’t think the finished pie will win any awards for looks. The crust looked pale, and it’s clear I had no idea what I was doing when I crimped the dough together.

So, the pot pie wasn’t visually appealing. What about the taste? Pretty damn good, if I say so myself. The filling was thick and creamy, with a good ratio of vegetables to meat. I was worried I had put in too much seasoning, but the taste was just right. It was hard to cut a neat slice, but I think that’s true for all pot pies.

Britt and I both had seconds and polished off about half the pie. 

I’ll be making this recipe again with a few minor tweaks. But not for a while. I don’t want Britt to get used to being on the receiving end of a home-cooked meal.