Four Questions

Keep Your Arms and Legs Inside the Four Questions at all Times

What is Dave wearing today? Dave is wearing his usual work-from-home uniform: polo shirt, shorts, Stan Smiths, tiara.  

How does Dave feel today? Dave is a tiny bit disappointed. 

What are the factors affecting Dave’s mood today? Dave saw the trailer for Disney’s Jungle Cruise movie.

How did the trailer disappoint Dave? The Jungle Cruise ride is one of Dave’s favorite things at the Magic Kingdom, not because the ride itself is particularly engaging or the animatronics are impressive, but because the narration is a non-stop barrage of bad puns. (Example: where there are docks on both sides of the boat, the skipper says there’s a “paradox.”) There are no bad jokes at all in the trailer. No jokes at all. The one thing that makes the ride special — deliberately bad deadpan wordplay — has been erased.