Four Questions

I’m Sorry, The Four Questions, but You Are up for Elimination

What is Dave wearing today? Dave is wearing a grey T-shirt, blue shorts, black Adidas hoodie, and flip-flops.

What is making Dave happy today? Dave is celebrating the end of a successful work week.

What is Dave’s inspirational thought of the day? Dave says don’t fast and break things. Instead, move intentionally and improve things.

What book did Dave just finish? Dave finished reading “Profiles in Ignorance” by Andy Borowitz. It’s about how stupidity in conservative politics, once something to be concealed, is now celebrated. His premise:

By elevating candidates who can entertain over those who can think, mass media have made the election of dunces more likely.

Profiles in Ignorance, Andy Borowitz

What do we do about it? We need to do more than observe, Borowitz says. We need to act.

We think we’re participating in politics, but we’re often just spectators, following it the way we follow sports. Obsessively watching cable news, checking Twitter, and monitoring the latest polls — all of which I’ve been guilty of — makes us feel like we’re staying informed, but to what end? When I do these things, I’m just a passive observer, rooting for my team. There’s a difference between going to a Super Bowl party and playing in the Super Bowl; only those who do the latter affect the outcome of the game.

Profiles in Ignorance, Andy Borowitz